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The 13th Ward Social Club is the creative workshop of Providence based artist Justin Catoni.

Catoni is a self taught musician who started in the underground scene of the 1990s. After experimenting with samples and synths, he briefly studied classical composition before finding a home in European and African folk music. He stumbled into his own style when borrowing from each, described as “Gainsbourg and Kuti leading a religious procession.”

He has released projects in samba, jazz, afrobeat, funk, soul, reggae, hip-hop and electronica. His high-energy solos can be found on “Belmont,” while the percussion on “Bixiga” keeps time while rarely finding a pattern. When asked about Catoni’s style, music critic Matt Gagnon replied, “I wouldn’t let him play the dinner triangle for my deaf son.”

Catoni’s work has received attention from Janko Nilovic, Danger Mouse, and El Michels Affair.
He has been featured on PBS television, BBC6 and KCRW radio, and has participated in teaching workshops for
the NYC school district and a screening for the RISD Museum.